atha yoga-anuśāsanam ||1||
Now begins the study and practice of yoga
~Yoga Sutras of Patañjali~


welcome to Miyoga, yoga studio in Kintore

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The benefits of a 1-hour weekly class include relief from general aches and pains caused by poor posture or stress.  You will stretch & strengthen muscles, reduce mental stresses and anxieties, improve balance & posture, and learn simple breathing & relaxation techniques . Try the Vinyasa Flow or Led Ashtanga class.

a simple place to practice and learn

The benefits of more regular practice can be found in Ashtanga Mysore, a traditional practice that synchronizes yoga postures with breath. You will learn a set sequence of postures at your own pace, increase strength & stamina, improve flexibility, build deep core strength, and develop meditative awareness as you think less and breathe more.

Miyoga is in Kintore near the main Aberdeen to Inverurie road, convenient for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, Inverurie, Kemnay, Blackburn, Bucksburn & Dyce.  Directions are here.