atha yoga-anuśāsanam ||1||
Now begins the study and practice of yoga
~Yoga Sutras of Patañjali~


Welcome to Miyoga, Kintore.  Check out the timetable to see what’s available.

Yoga doesn’t take up much time and it is time well spent!

A 1-hour weekly class can help relieve general aches and pains caused by poor posture or stress, stretch tight, overused muscles,  improve overall strength and fitness, and teach simple relaxation . There are classes for every level – try Yoga Basics for complete beginners, very gentle Stretch & Tone for the less physically fit, to fast-moving Ashtanga Led 1/2 Primary if you like a challenge.

Ashtanga Mysore is a traditional, regular yoga practice that synchronizes postures with breath in a process called Vinyasa. You learn a set sequence of postures at your own comfortable pace to build strength, increase flexibility, improve stamina, and develop internal core strength. In time you think less and breathe more, and meditation begins. Assistance is provided one-to-one to ensure steady, safe progress.

just a simple place to practice and learn

Miyoga is in Kintore near the main Aberdeen to Inverurie road, convenient for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire (Inverurie, Kemnay, Blackburn, Bucksburn, Dyce). Classes Monday to Thursday evenings, a weekly beginners class, and Friday and Sunday mornings. Classes suit all levels of student.