Students are encouraged to enjoy what they can do and not focus on what they can’t. In exploring we become aware of possibilities. Students come from all walks of life, all ages, with injuries, illness, and other life challenges. Yoga teaches us to manage the ups and downs of life, to deal with every day challenges, and to look inward for quiet reflection.

About the teacher:

Karen began practicing yoga in 2000, loving the discipline and tradition – I completed 350hr teacher training in 2005, and spent 3 months in India immersed in the study of asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and yogic philosophy. My practice is mindful and meditative, and teaching is focused on students as individuals. I am registered as a Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK.

What the students say:

I’ve really found Karen’s yoga class great in so many ways, not just for me mentally, but physically as well. 

I have scoliosis in my upper back & find some of the positions really challenging but I’ve always felt at ease in Karen’s yoga class. 

Karen is also always on hand to offer modifications so you can do positions that suit your body. The class has definitely helped ease back pain & stretches my back like no other exercise would. Also the breathing technique during the class really helps me to relax.

I suffer migraines especially right side of my head, often coming from my neck. I’ve found the yoga class has reduced the severity of them. I think a combination of stretching, breathing, connecting with my body & clearing my mind has helped me hugely to manage the migraines. 

The class is a time for me to connect with myself & stop my mind chatter, to release stress & to breathe deeply……joy!

I myself have found great comfort from yoga practice , it has helped myself through great deal , I suffer from anxiety and panic a attacks and get very stressed.

Yoga has given me a safe place to go in my practice it helps me mentally and physically, I often smile when I get on the matt as I know where the journey takes me

I find it very challenging… yoga has shown me a new way of thinking and being – yes it takes time work and certain mind set but the journey is amazing..

Karen is excellent at helping you to customise your practice to take account of injury and she also helps you with other exercises to build strength so you can revert to the correct practice in due course.  Miyoga has made me want to do yoga – I even take a yoga mat on holiday now, because I feel I am a nicer person if I practice yoga regularly!

Karen is a wonderful teacher, very gentle and kind.  She has taught me how to modify yoga poses when my joints are inflamed or I am injured.  I have learned to adapt my yoga for how I’m feeling each day, such a gift!   ‘Listening to the breath’ during practice is meditative.  After yoga I am calm and that carries me through the day.

Karen has all the patience you need to keep your practice steady and the focus is on you and where you are. Each individual goes at their own pace, so there is no sense of ‘keeping up’ the focus is on your own goals and noticing how your own body is working.

I have been to other classes and felt not strong/thin/ or flexible enough. Having been guided by Karen’s patient yet focused teachings I am stronger/fitter and more flexible than I have ever been!!!

I first started doing yoga for stress, when life was in a very rough patch! I practice when I need to chill… it’s a healthy alternative to a glass of vino on school nights!