sthira-sukham-āsanam ||46||
Practice asana with strength and ease
~Yoga Sutras of Patañjali~

Ashtanga Mysore – learn a set sequence of postures at your own pace, memorising postures as you go, to improve strength, fitness, flexibility and focus

Ashtanga Led – movement and breath are synchronised in a set sequence of postures and begin to improve strength, flexibility, stamina and focus (not for complete beginners)

Easy Flowa gentle flowing sequence, deep stretches to improve joint mobility, working with breath, and encouraging deep relaxation

Core Flowa warming sequence, strength building postures, improving flexibility, working with breath, and beginning meditation

Vinyasa Yoga for Complete Beginners – beginner course held over 4 x 60 minute sessions; all the basics of yoga practice in a supportive, small group class – next course starts Sunday, 21st April

1:1 yoga is tailored just for you