Find your Edge – Yoga for Sport, 22nd September

Yoga for Sport

September 22nd, 9.30am-12pm

Kinellar Community Hall, Blackburn

Only £20, Book to attend

Strength in the body can lead to areas of extreme tightness, which in itself can present an increased risk of injury. When applied correctly yoga helps to counteract tightness and immobility in muscles that are commonly used in more athletic activities – running, cycling, weight training, cross fit, martial arts. 

Strong hamstrings, quads, and shoulders are necessary, but left unchecked that strength can lead to muscular imbalance and injury. It can also slow down progress if the body is in pain, or struggling with a necessary range of movement. For example, strong hamstrings are great for running, but tight hamstrings may also begin to cause back pain; strong shoulders may lead to imbalance, and loss of mobility and shoulder rotation; and tight hip flexors can lead to back pain, or knee pain.

Yoga helps you to better understand your body. Through yoga you can begin to notice where you’re strong or weak, tight or flexible which allows you to begin correcting those problems straight away. By focusing on areas that are tight yoga practice can improves mobility and brings some balance to the body.

Using dynamic poses to warm up your muscles and loosen your joints, passive holds to relax and stretch tight muscles, and resting poses to encourage mental relaxation yoga can provide some essential balance for the type A individuals who are usually drawn to intense, athletic or competitive sport.

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