I’m not sleeping – I’m practicing Savasana! 

Savasana, or corpse pose, requires you to be completely, consciously awake and relaxed – aware but mentally unattached. Thoughts wash over the mind like air over the skin, leaving only a sense of their presence. We can experience something close to Savasana when on the edge of sleep, but being this relaxed without falling asleep is not easy!

remember – that’s consciously awake and relaxed, and aware but mentally unattached…

To help you get the most out of this most challenging of all postures, here are some beginner tips for effectively practicing Savasana.

Be warm.

If you are uncomfortable it is difficult to relax. You need to make sure you are warm enough, so grab a blanket and wrap up.

Be relaxed.

Breathe gently through the nose – not controlling the breath. Scan your body and relax any tension – check the obvious places, neck, shoulders, jaw, eyes, hands, feet. Be aware of the weight of the body, and the lightness of the breath. Sink into the floor.

Be focused.

Yes, focus! Otherwise your mind will jump from thought to thought. Fortunately you have an inbuilt mantra in your breath – inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale – follow the passage of air, the rise and fall of the belly, the whispering sound – begin with one focal point and slowly expand your awareness to include all three.

Be still.

Enjoy the stillness of mind and body.

Be renewed.

Remember the feeling of peaceful awareness, and bring this internal state of Savasana into your day to day life.

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