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New AM & PM classes in September

1-hour sessions suitable for men and women of any level including beginners; start at any age, size, or level of fitness; don’t worry what others think; wear whatever you want; most importantly show up!  These classes run in 5-week blocks; term-time only; block costs £45

Fitness Flow – book
AM: Tue 9.45-10.45am (starts 6th Sept)
PM: Mon 7.30-8.30pm (starts 5th Sept)
Energetic class to burn fat and increase muscle tone for a stronger and leaner body while learning correct breathing and simple meditation techniques to aid relaxation. Benefits: Improve strength, flexibility, increase cardiovascular fitness, and a develop relaxed state of mind.

Stretch & Tone – book
AM: Thu 9.45-10.45am (starts 8th Sept)
PM: Wed 7.30-8.30pm  (starts 7th Sept)
Postures to improve strength and mobility are combined with breathing in a meditative flow. Improve overall fitness while learning simple relaxation techniques. Benefits: Relieves stiffness in shoulders, hips and back, builds core strength, and teaches meditative awareness.

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