New Mums + Babies Yoga class!


Miyoga is delighted to welcome Elisabeth Barron and Prana Mama Yoga to the Shala. Prana Mama’s first group of new mums and their beautiful babies will begin a six-week block of Mum and Baby Yoga on Monday, 10th February.

Classes are gentle, yet dynamic, and are geared to supporting new mums during this time of major life change.  The classes offer a supportive and friendly atmosphere to meet a small group of other new mums, a meaningful and dedicated time for mum and baby to bond, an opportunity to gently rebuild physical strength and tone and a chance to learn relaxation and breathing techniques to help restore energy levels.

LisElisabeth is a mum of two, holds a Diploma in Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and has over 10 years of yoga experience. Classes are suitable for mums who have had the “all-clear” for exercise following their six-week postnatal check up and babies from six weeks to 8 months.  A block of six classes costs £60 and your place should be booked in advance.

For further information and booking please contact Lis.

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