atha yoga-anuśāsanam ||1||
Now begins the study and practice of yoga
~Yoga Sutras of Patañjali~

Welcome to Miyoga Kintore, a little yoga studio in Aberdeenshire.

The benefits of Yoga practice range from a stronger more flexible body to a calm and stress-free mind. From reducing the effects of anxiety and depression, strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation, aiding weight loss and building a positive body image, yoga has been proven to help.

A 1-hour weekly class will help ease the everyday aches and pains caused by poor posture and help you relax.  You will stretch & strengthen muscles, improve balance & posture, and learn simple breathing & relaxation techniques. For a general, once a week class try Go Easy, Flow Easy on Wednesday evenings.

For something more focused try Ashtanga Mysore a traditional practice that works best when done more than once a week. A set sequence of yoga postures is synchronized with breath in continuous flow, increasing strength & stamina, improving flexibility and balance, teaching you how to breathe correctly, and how to use internal muscular locks called bandhas. In time you think less and meditation begins.

If your need are more specific, you may initially wish to consider 1:1 yoga therapy. Here your symptoms are the primary focus, and the yoga is tailored to suit your needs. You will learn techniques that are can easily be applied in day to day life.

Miyoga is located in Kintore near the main Aberdeen to Inverurie road, and convenient for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire – Inverurie, Kemnay, Blackburn, Bucksburn & Dyce.