Serene Reflection Meditation, 7th November

You are invited to come to one of two information meetings about Soto Zen SRM practice, including some hatha yoga, presented by Gordon Edward, a member of the Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey community and a registered Yoga Scotland teacher.

Date: Wednesday 7th November
Place: Miyoga, Kintore
Time: 12-1.15pm  -or-  5.15-6.30pm
Donations welcome.

For information, or to book a space contact Gordon Edward

To practice Serene Reflection Meditation (normally called zazen) within the Soto Zen tradition is to learn how to see beyond one’s thoughts and feelings and realise our true nature. There is a deep sufficiency in all of us and we all have a great capacity to give. These virtues and all the fruits of enlightenment are already within us but they can only be manifested when we see through our mistaken perceptions. This is a matter of discovering what we already possess; rather than seeking what we believe we lack.

This approach is both affirming and challenging, requiring us to look intently at the reality of the present moment – excluding nothing and grasping nothing. We need the willingness to see ourselves as we are; rather than judging what we find, we can develop the capacity to neither indulge nor suppress emotions, thereby freeing ourselves from the forces that drive us to act unwisely.

Compassion, both for oneself and all beings, is at the heart of this process.

The Serene Reflection Meditation School embodies the practice of meditation, following moral precepts, understanding our Buddha nature and the desire to benefit all beings.

The leaf symbol is a reminder to us of the Buddha’s awakening under the Bodhi Tree and of the potential that lies within us all.

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