Vinyasa Yoga 4-Week Beginners Course

a friendly, small group, 4-week introduction to yoga course for complete beginners

Sunday’s, 11.30am-12.30pm

Dates: 21st & 28th April, 5th & 12th May

Cost: £50

Is this course for me?

The Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners Four-Week Course helps build the foundation of a healthy yoga practice, including physical postures, breath control, relaxation and meditation. If you would like to learn yoga in a supportive, small group setting, with an experienced teacher, then this course is ideal for you…

Why this course?

The intensive four-week Complete Beginners course is a gentle, more personalised introduction to the practice of yoga.

Many people think they are not flexible enough, or not young enough, or not fit enough to do yoga. This course is ideal if you feel this way, or if you have experienced classes that felt too busy, or too competitive, or too physical, and thought that yoga was not for you.

If you can breathe, and can get up and down from the floor without too much difficulty, then you can manage the Yoga for Complete Beginners course. 

Progressing gently week by week the course will introduce all the elements of a balanced yoga practice – the main yoga postures, breath-work, meditation and relaxation. 

At the end of the four weeks you will have a positive experience of practising yoga, and the confidence to join a regular class to continue developing your yoga practice.

Course details:

The four-week beginner course runs over 4 x 60 minute sessions and assumes no previous yoga experience. In a quiet, non-competitive environment you will begin to develop strength, flexibility and awareness gradually, and according to your own ability. Areas covered include:

Physical postures (asana) – learn movements that strengthen and tone the body, increase flexibility, and improve mobility

Breath-work (pranayama) – learn simple breathing practices to boost energy, improve mood and rebalance the nervous system

Meditation (dhyana) – learn simple mindfulness techniques to manage stressful emotions, and help cultivate a calm state of mind

Relaxation – in our busy world we have forgotten how to relax – learn simple exercises to help develop your ability to switch off

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