This is Yoga – Beginner Workshop, 8th September

This Is Yoga: An Exploration

10-12.30, Saturday 8th September

Learn about the practice of yoga in this special 2.5 hour workshop.

Spaces are limited to 8. Costs £35. Please book to attend.

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners.

You will discover what yoga is, and will experience a variety of yogic practice including:

  • An introduction to yoga, and its different styles and approaches
  • An invigorating Vinyasa practice where movement and breath brings warmth and vitality to the body
  • Simple breath control to help manage negative emotions and alleviate stress
  • A slow and luxurious Flow practice, where mind and body are encouraged to deeply relax
  • The joy of sound – some simple chanting to free your voice and open your heart
  • An introduction to meditation – what it is and how to incorporate it into daily life

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