Yoga Therapy: Unlocking Tight Hips 2-week mini-course

Sunday’s, 11.30am-12.30pm 
Next dates: 16 + 23 May
Cost: £30

contact to book a space

No experience is needed but you should be able to get up and down from the floor.

When hips are “tight” it means the muscles and tissues around the hip joint are not moving freely. Tight hips can considerably limit range of movement, and can contribute to additional problems such as back stiffness and pain, or knee pain.

Fortunately, yoga offers a number of successful techniques for releasing tight hips to restore a healthier range of movement.

In this mini-course you will develop better awareness of the hips, and the connective tissues that can affect other areas of the body.

You will learn postures that help release the muscles around the hip joint often leading to reduced pain, and a healthier range of movement.

This mini-course is ideal if you take part in any regular sport such as running, cycling, cross-fit, football, rugby, or martial arts etc.

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