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Dealing with heavy Kapha energy

According to Ayurveda, sister-science of Yoga, Winter is a the time of Kapha, when the elements of water and earth are dominant. During this phase a you need the right amount of invigorating movement to counteract the heavy and stagnant Kapha energy. Ayurveda belief says that each being is a combination of five elements – […]

Beginner Classes for March

This month beginners can attend at the following times: Tuesday – 7.30pm Thursday – 6.15pm In Ashtanga Mysore classes, beginners learn at their own pace with personalised instruction. You will learn the correct movements for your body and level of fitness.  For your first classes aim for around 45 minutes of practice.  This will increase as you […]

Mysore Month – starts 1st February

new Mysore Month – starts Thursday 1st February Attend 2 classes a week, for 1 month and feel the benefits of regular practice!! Learn at your own pace, developing strength, stamina, flexibility, and stillness of mind. Beginners are welcome. Costs £50 for 1 month of practice, attending 2 Mysore classes a week. Contact to book […]